Kristen Saksa Juen
Kristen was first drawn to ceramics as a medium for expressing the beauty she admires in the outdoors. Ultimately, her creative play with clay evolved into a passion for the process of creating pottery. A s a ceramic artist based in Austin, TX, Kristen creates both functional and sculptural works that spark a connection with nature and celebrate the beauty of handmade. Kristen’s creative spirit continues to be deeply inspired by textures, forms , and details she notices while exploring green spaces in cen tral Texas . Her creative process involves cutting and rejoining slabs of clay to create unique handbuilt forms. Kristen strives to create ceramic wares that ignite a sense of curiosity for our natural world, and invite s viewers to bring touches of nature a nd pottery into their spaces.

30 YEARS! Thank you!

To all who attended this year’s Texas Clay Festival.

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