Dan Hammett

My formal education is from Northeastern State University of Oklahoma (N.S.C. – B.A.), the University of Kansas (K.U. – B.F.A.) and the S.U.N.Y. Alfred (M.F.A.). I taught Art students at Memorial High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma 1968-71& at the University of Dallas in Irving Texas from 1974 until my retirement in 2017. Since 1974, I have professionally produced functional ceramics as well as architectural ceramics in my Texas studio "Handcrafted Ceramics”. The ceramic work produced has been included in exhibitions, and commissions (U.S. Olympics, HOK & Associates, Laundry & Laundry and O’Neal Ford) as well as public, private and museum collections throughout the world.  My current studio work is in Stoneware and Porcelain that is high fired in a reducing atmosphere. Over the years I have been able to develop a visual language with form and a color palette that includes assimilated ash glazes on interpreted classical forms. My work has been strongly influenced with a lifetime of field studies to museums in North and South America as well as Europe and Asia. I feel privileged and blessed to be in the studio “full time” and to joyfully live with the challenge of being a true practicing craftsman. Every challenge in the studio is approached with the poise, impulse, fear, strength, weakness and awareness that I proudly possess. It is my hope that the products of my labor will infuse, emerge and reflect my life's energy and spirit.


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