Vorakit Chinookoswong

Crain Art Studio is a family affair consisting of two generations of women: Cathy (Mom), and Carie (Daughter). After retiring from a life involved in advertising, jewelry design, and fashion, Cathy moved back to Texas to be near the rest of her family. On a whim, she decided to take a ceramics class at the local community college and loved it! In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she encouraged Carie, who had been her partner in fashion and jewelry design, to take the class as well. After a few years of working and creating in their individual studios, Crain Art Studio was born. Their work is primarily hand-built, sculptural wall art, and highly decorative. It is fired by oxidation and raku methods. It is heavily textured, incorporates numerous additive and subtractive techniques, multiple glazes, and may include small amounts of metal, glass, and found objects.