Nick Fletcher
Nick Fletcher is a ceramic artist from Nashville, Tennessee. He received his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from the Appalachian Center for Craft at Tennessee Tech University. Nick uses high fire stoneware as well as thrown and cast porcelain to make functional as well as sculptural work. Most of his work begins on the wheel where the parts are thrown then later assembled and altered. His larger sculptural work is thrown in sections as well as coil thrown until desired height is achieved. Nick’s work often includes repeating familiar shapes that come together to create a foreign and intriguing form. Atmospheric firing methods including wood, soda, and salt are a tremendous part of his process and what keeps him in clay – chasing the unpredictable nature of such firings. His hope is to achieve a surface that promotes a weathered aesthetic that contrasts the modern/futuristic form to promote an archaic narrative and a retro-futuristic aesthetic.


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