Katherine Taylor

I run my backyard studio, Chicken Lily Studio, in South Austin. The studio is intended to be an environment where the interior work space and exterior garden space are interdependent creative spaces. I named it Chicken Lily Studio because of the large collection of crinum lilies that surround the studio as well as for the chickens who wander about, fastidiously tilling and fertilizing the garden beds. My studio is the home base for making my pots and sculptures, from the making of the clay through to the final firing. I also make work at Eye of the Dog Art Center in San Marcos, TX and participate in wood firings at friendsā€™ studios. I have been making sculptures about the place where I live, particularly about how our relationships with the land and with each other have changed through time. For each sculpture, the specific narrative shifts, but what all of the sculptures have in common are references to the body, the landscape, and change. Like my sculptures, many of my pots refer to our bodies, and I also want them to refer to my local place by being useful for the kinds of food and drinks that we enjoy here in Texas.