Britt Thorp
Britt Thorp is new to Texas. After completing his MFA in Ceramics at Syracuse University in the spring of 2021 he moved to Austin. Britt maintains his studio practice at his home studio in downtown Austin and teaches ceramics at St Stephen’s Episcopal School in Westlake Hills. Using a specific geometric language, Britt makes functional forms that allow the viewer a moment to slow down and appreciate the intricacies of life. The handmade objects crafted reside in the background until used, then reveal themselves in our quiet times and communal gatherings. For many years prior to graduate school, Britt worked as a professional Chef. To him, food and pottery are inseparable. They are symbiotic catalysts that connect us. He says “My goal as a maker is to craft ceramic objects and culinary dishes that serve as a conduit for conversation, interaction, and celebration.”