NOM Ceramics
Nom Ceramics is the collaborative practice of Rebeca and Scott Proctor. Based in Austin, Texas, Rebeca and Scott own a community pottery studio, East Side Pot Shop. After working side by side for two years, they joined forces and created Nom Ceramics in 2019. In 2022, they moved to Elgin, TX where they set up a home studio practice. They are always inspiring and motivating each other to explore possibilities in ceramic forms and surfaces, producing a rapidly evolving body of work. Nom Ceramics is a mixture of functional and sculptural ceramic wares with tactile surfaces of intricate glaze patterning. Either hand-built or thrown, their forms are created with the intention to interact with the patterns and line-work in the glaze designs. The works are all fired to cone 10 in their soda kiln, and occasionally wood fired. Nom Ceramics is a reflection of Scott and Rebeca’s interests in traditional ceramic practices, atmospheric firings, historical form, and experimental contemporary techniques.


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