Paulina Van Bavel Kearney

My signature colors are the terra cotta of earthenware clay, used by the Greeks and Romans combined with the sooty black, smoked pots made by the Pueblo Indians of Arizona and New Mexico. I am blending old cultural techniques in a modern way that swirl around the wheel thrown vases. The highly polished surfaces are rubbed by hand with a terra sigillata slip, polished to a lustrous sheen while dry and green. Each piece is carefully packed into an electric kiln for the firing. Then the magic of clay chemistry begins in the heat: minerals, atmosphere, smoldering sawdust, mixed with a bit of luck (and a lot of experience) results in the unique landscape appearance. I grew up in Arizona, traveled a lot in the West, and always knew I wanted to be a potter/artist. I was fortunate to pursue my dream at UT- Austin, where I met my husband, Jim and prepared for a career as an art teacher, first in Austin and then in the small community of Columbus, Texas. I am retired now, and enjoying sharing my studio with my family and grandchildren. You can find more details about my career and photos on my website, along with work that is available for sale.

30 YEARS! Thank you!

To all who attended this year’s Texas Clay Festival.

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