Paulina Van Bavel Kearney
Smoke Fired Clay Vessels and Sculpture My forms are created in a “terra cotta” which is a Roman term for earthenware. I am blending old cultural techniques from around the world in a modern way, utilizing the natural clay color with hand polished slip called “terra sigillata”. I polish each piece with many layers to a lustrous sheen when dry and green. Each piece is carefully packed into the kiln with sawdust for firing. The smoldering carbon combines with the minerals in the clay in a controlled atmosphere and results in the unique landscape appearance. These techniques are my own personal development of study and experimentation beginning 50 years ago after graduating from the Fine Arts Department at UT Austin. I am retired from teaching art in Texas Public Schools and the Texas Clay Festival at Gruene is the only public outdoor exhibition that I try to attend each year.


Thank you for 32 years of support of the Texas Clay Festival.

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