Cecy Holcomb

Cecy Holcomb is the artist and owner of Holcombville Pottery located in San Marcos, Texas. Since her graduation from Texas State University, Cecy has been working as a full-time potter. Cecy is originally from El Paso, Texas and most of her work has been inspired by her heritage and cultural background as seen in her series; Folklorico and Aguas Frescas. Her most recent series are carvings on her pottery inspired by the Wild Rice in the San Marcos River. Visit her website to learn more about her series. Cecy’s work is primarily wheel-thrown, altered, carved, slip-decorated and fired in an oxidation atmosphere. She uses both porcelain and stoneware clay bodies and colorful glazes. Cecy enjoys creating traditional and organic forms and is humbled knowing that her pottery is used for special occasions and on a daily basis.


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