Kristopher Jorgensen
I have loved Art since I was young. After a course in Ceramics I was fascinated and have spent my time creating functional and traditional pottery. My inspiration is the family and gatherings around a table with food, handmade pottery and good friends. Utilizing the atmospheric firing process with ash and soda glazes, I make aesthetic choices that seek to add a warm comforting grace and elegance to these simple and functional forms. The use of soft flowing forms with graceful curves helps to catch the effects of the soda kiln, as a record of the lengthy firing process. The process is enhanced with the use of satin glazes that allow the soda ash, when applied, to offset and bring to life the subtle variations in tone and texture. I have a M.A. and M.F.A. in Studio Art from Texas A & M University in Corpus Christi. I currently teach art in Victoria, Texas.


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