Sarah German
Though ceramics can be considered a fragile material, Sarah’s work is influenced by elements that when structured in a specific manner, provide strength, such as fibers in a weaving or metal beams in a truss bridge. This can be seen in the delicate, yet strong woven pieces that she creates by rolling coils of clay and weaving them in time – tested patterns proven to pro vide support. She mixes white clay with mason stains to create many shades of colorful clay. This colored clay becomes the accent in her pieces; a colored coil base to a wheel – thrown mug, a woven top to a flower vase, or a truss structure that supports a s uspended cup form. The work is often finished in a glossy or matte clear glaze and fired to cone six in an electric kiln. Sarah creates work for exhibitions, galleries, and festivals and has been featured in multiple publications including Ceramics Monthly , Clay Times, and 500 Teapots: Volume 2.


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