Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson Texas Medicine Pottery Est.1986 Buda, Texas 40 years in clay and counting, Eric Jackson has been consumed by ceramic pursuits since his first high school class in clay in 1980. As an artist and production potter, he makes pots for the love if doing so. He is interested in form, function, surface, and fire. Responding to the warm palette found in shino glazes, he looks for surface effects from wax, oxides and smoke, but he is ever inspired to explore new glazes and firing techniques. Eric has a BFA from UT Austin, and has been working in the Austin area since 1986. He has taught at The Contemporary Austin (Austin Museum of Art at Laguna Gloria) for over 15 years and was recognized for his work by the Austin Chronicle as a “Best of Austin” recipient. His goal is to make better pots; pots which invite contemplation.

30 YEARS! Thank you!

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