For 30 years, I have worked with earthenware, raku, stoneware, and porcelain clays and the variety of glazes, stains, and firings that coincide with each clay body. It keeps me constantly coming back to ceramics as a medium, testing me and challenging me. My current body of work features femme fatales, warriors, goddesses, or ocean and earth dwellers that all have a silent strength behind eyes that have seen enough! I like that my work can evoke a visceral response about current events and how they affect women across the globe. Exposing injustices by pushing boundaries in art is a healthy way to express insight. Friends have described my style as “whimsical with a hint of meance”. I received my BFA in Studio Art from SWTSU in 1992 with a concentration in ceramic technology. I continue to further my education at workshops at the Eye of the Dog Art Center and absorb videos here and there, but nothing compares to the experience of a classroom atmosphere.

30 YEARS! Thank you!

To all who attended this year’s Texas Clay Festival.

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