Madeline DeStefano
Madeline DeStefano is a ceramic artist residing in San Marcos, Texas, where she is a studio resident at Eye of the Dog Art Center. Based on the format of a single panel comic, her sculptures are inspired by a mix of everyday life, and the fictional stories and characters that bring her comfort, escape and understanding. Her figures are often portrayed with exaggerated features, mostly comical, sometimes a little grotesque, but always playful with vibrant colors and bold lines influenced by a love of graphic novels and animation. 2020, being the chaos ridden dumpster fire that it is, has led Madeline to crave some simplicity in her work, bringing new forms and a new clay body to her functional pottery. She has spent some of quarantine revisiting ideas in surface design, playing with texture, pattern and color. And has created a new line of vessels to bring comfort and vibrancy to your home.

30 YEARS! Thank you!

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