Lindsey Browning
Lindsey is a recent graduate from Texas State University living in San Marcos Texas. She focuses on the soft undulation that is possible through clay with both functional and sculptural work. As a sculptor, her work is dedicated to the simultaneous femininity and strength that is available through the manipulation of clay. This strength is also present in the substantial and robust quality of her functional ware. The thick rims and rounded edges are used to create a comfortable and engaging object that can be used daily. Lindsey aims to find the feminine within the parameters of function. In the past few years, Lindsey has been involved with the Dogagama train kiln at The Eye of the Dog. Though this experience, she has learned what it means to be a new member of an established community while learning the tradition of wood firing. This new avenue has opened a world of possibilities for her practice and allowed her to make rooted connections to an established community. Lindsey is especially thankful for the women in her life that have given her the opportunity to thrive in this community. It is an important goal for Lindsey to help bring the next generation of women into the ceramic community.