Roger Allen
Art as a college major was never a consideration but a change from electrical engineering to architecture to art education was the round about path I ultimately followed at Texas Tech. With a BS in Art Ed., I left my hometown of Lubbock in 1967 to teach art in San Angelo. 3 years later I started the Chicken Farm Art Center and in 1977 left the formal education environment to make the clay studio and Art Center my full time endeavor. The 1980’s brought a few years of distraction from clay when I opened a foundry and got involved with the bronze sculpture world. That was a lot of fun and a lot of work. The 1990’s found me back in the clay studio but instead of stoneware I was now using color on earthenware, lots of color, usually applied with an airbrush. Now into the 2000’s I am telling stories in color on clay. The pictured White Line Dancers is one of the Big Ass Dancers series. The first series called the StarKeeper is a fun story that has taken on a life of it’s own. The Old chicken Farm Art Center has grown since1971 and it continues to flourish. Several major events are held during the year including the not to be missed ceramic week in April. The Art Center also has a gourmet restaurant, B/B, and 15 artists studios. Come join us during ceramic week or anytime.