James T. Olney

I am a classically trained potter become artist potter. My interest in clay started with a degree in ceramics from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. It continued with a three year apprenticeship with master potter Mark Hewitt in NC, residencies in MN and NY for two years, and as a peace corps volunteer in Tanzania working in the dirt with traditional village potters making cooking pots. My current work is mostly unglazed and wood fired made in stoneware and porcelain. The organic nature of the decoration is achieved by the wood ash depositing and melting as well as the movement of the hot flame flashing onto the surface of the pots. I find the relationship between the stacking of pots in the kiln and the atmosphere created by the burning of the wood artful dance. Each piece is unique and tells a story of my journey as a potter. My story is rooted in a strong dedication to classical form and technique with a curiosity for experimentation as I grow individually as an artist. For the past 8 years I have been teaching in Dallas and making pots for restaurants, galleries, and markets across Texas.

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