Ty Johnson

To shop, send me an email at dogeatdogart@hotmail.com. My fanciful and gritty art work evokes a vividness infused with an uncanny merger of idea and form to encapsulate both timelessness and the surreal… No. Just kidding! I’m just a guy that loves taking a bag of clay and making some art. Each summer I produce a new series of sculptures for the Texas Clay Festival. This year, 2020, has been a challenge. How to sum up, in a ceramic sculpture, the swirl of this moment in time. I selected the form of a Jack-in-the-Box as a metaphor for surprise, uncertainty and a bit of the bogeyman. I will add some humor and irreverence, open a bag of clay, and see what shows up! I have the good fortune to be a resident artist at the Eye of the Dog art center in San Marcos, Texas where we go with the flow.