Ty Johnson

To shop, send me an email at dogeatdogart@hotmail.com. My fanciful and gritty art work evokes a vividness infused with an uncanny merger of idea and form to encapsulate both timelessness and the surreal… No. Just kidding! I’m just a guy that loves taking a bag of clay and making some art. Each summer I produce a new series of sculptures for the Texas Clay Festival. This year, 2020, has been a challenge. How to sum up, in a ceramic sculpture, the swirl of this moment in time. I selected the form of a Jack-in-the-Box as a metaphor for surprise, uncertainty and a bit of the bogeyman. I will add some humor and irreverence, open a bag of clay, and see what shows up! I have the good fortune to be a resident artist at the Eye of the Dog art center in San Marcos, Texas where we go with the flow.

30 YEARS! Thank you!

To all who attended this year’s Texas Clay Festival.

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